Style Suite: Step Up Your Casual Friday Looks

Style Suite: Step Up Your Casual Friday Looks

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So often people hate the clothes they work in and wish Casual Friday was an everyday thing instead of once a week. But you know what, when Friday finally rolls around, you can step up that jeans and button-down look just a tad for a more polished leisure vibe.  What if I told you those comfy and playful  pieces you typically reserve for the weekend or special occasions could also be incorporated into your work wear? Well, they can, and here’s how:
Lounge or Pajama Pants: They aren’t just reserved for the weekend and laying around the house. These days, lounge pants come in soft and subtle fabrics like silk, jersey, and crepe, and can easily sneak into your office attire without notice.  Just like the ones you wear at home, they have an elastic waist, a  draw string and fit loose, but it’s the fabric that makes them work-friendly.  Pair a black pair with a peplum top and pumps like I did here and no one will ever know the difference.
Sequins: The high shine of sequins is typically reserved for evenings and grand occasions but you can also sparkle in the workplace— just dress it down. The trick here is take classic-cut sequin separates like a shell top or a straight skirt, and pair them with basic professional pieces. The high shine of a sequin top will dim under a blazer or two-piece suit just as a sequin skirt will with a blouse and cardigan topping it. To make it work, avoid sequins in bold gold and metallic silvers and wear solid colors or clear sequin pieces.
T-shirts and Sweatshirts: These aren’t just throw-on items anymore. A classic t-shirt can go a long way and the new spin on sweatshirts in cool colors and combos give these after-hour pieces a dressier appeal.  When wearing either item into the office, do the opposite of wearing sequins and dress theses pieces up.  A well-fitted quality t-shirt tucked into a pencil skirt and topped with a pretty statement necklace looks just as professional as a blouse. A sweatshirt in a pretty print, layered over a button-up shirt will wow in the office, offering a look that easily goes from professional to play.

Implement these suggestions into your work wardrobe and I assure you Fridays won’t be the only week day you get to be comfy and casual at work; they just wont notice. (Also, don’t forget to shop the looks here.)
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