Style Suite: Staying Fly and Dry in the Rain

Style Suite: Don’t Let Rain Steal Your (Fashion) Shine

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We are in the thick of fall with cold temperatures and dreary rain days, especially with gloomy weather looming over many of us (Hi, Hurricane Sandy). On days like this, your fashion and style sense can easily get dampened, but resorting to whatever is convenient and comfortable is not acceptable.

It’s important that you don’t overlook your work attire, including your outerwear—the first impression many people see for the day.  Like your office style, it should also reflect your sense of fashion and professionalism no matter the weather. (Shop the looks here.)

Keep your hair under wraps until you get to work. On rainy days, I wear a hat to work keeping my hair under wraps from the water and humidity. Upon getting into the office, the ladies room is the first place I stop to unveil and fluff my hair.  If a hat is not your thing, pull your hair back into a pony tail and/or bun, and loop the ponytail under with a pin to prevent that limp lifeless hair that rain creates. You can unloop it and still have a nice bump to your ends.

Rock a bright-hued  or printed rain jacket. Long gone are the days of plastic pochos and moo-moos to keep you try in the rain. Rain jacket can be quite fashionable and chic these days. There are several on the market that pull double duty as everyday jackets and rain guarders.  I like to go bright but pick a coat in a classic style like trench coat that is water resistant to combine style and function.

Step out in stylish boots. Like rain jackets, rain boots have come a long way and no longer require you to rock big goulashes or clingy rubber boots. There are so many options to choose from with many styles mirroring regular boots. Pick out the right pair and they could easily be overlooked as fashion boots. For a professional look, pick a pair in a solid color with a water resistant sole and dual, lightweight texture. You could also go for a cute bootie that you can slip on and off with ease for a quick switch into heels.

Invest in a chic but sturdy umbrella. Stop buying those cheap, quick-dry umbrellas available on the street. Instead invest in a good umbrella that has stability. It could make the difference in you arriving to work wet and disheveled or dry and polished. Pick one that’s both durable and fashionable. It is an accessories after all so there is no need to skimp on the style just because it’s a water repellent.

Choose a dress instead of pants. I know it sounds silly to some  but wearing a dress in the rain means less dry time.  It’s a lot easier to wipe your legs dry and tights take minimal time to dry, but soaking wet pants can leave you a soggy mess through lunch. Opt for dresses in fall & winter fabrics. If a dress is not your thing in the rain, go with skinny pants (less material) and avoid wool. Come rain or shine you should arrive to the office in fashion.  With these tips and all the different rain gear options to choose from there’s no reason for rainy day weather to drown out your style. Stay dry and fly at the same time.

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