Substitute Teacher Attacked By Students Refuses To Return To School

Substitute Teacher Attacked By Students Refuses To Return To School

A substitute teacher who was attacked by two students at a school in Charlotte, North Carolina, for at-risk students is done.

Two teenage girls attacked Renata Horton, who was subbing at Turning Point Academy, according to the Atlanta Black Star. Horton told WSOC TV that the girls, ages 16 and 17, attacked Horton after she asked them to remove their hoodies, which is against school policy.

“The BMT [behavior modification technician] jumps up in my face and says, ‘Hold up, Miss Horton … you know and everybody else knows that she walks around with her hoodie all the time,” Horton told WSOC TV. 

Horton said one of the girls suddenly charged Horton without warning while the other girl came from behind and pulled her to the ground.

“And when she knocked me down, that’s when the other one got her hands on me,” Horton said.  “And she jumped behind me and was choking me back here, pulling me on my neck, and pulling all my hair. And that’s when they started beating me.”

Eventually another BMT stopped the attack. Horton, who did receive medical treatment, said the school didn’t call for the paramedics or take her to a hospital. Horton’s daughter took her, and she’s forbidden the 57-year-old from returning.

“I’m hurt that I didn’t have hardly no support today, because I’ve been nothing but good to Turning Point,” she added “I don’t call out. I’m a sub and anytime them kids ask me for something to eat, I give it to them.”

Horton, who has taught at the school since 2022, said the school should close. She’s concerned a student will bring a gun to school. “They need help,” Horton told WSOC-TV. “They need more support, or the people who are at the schools that’s in these roles, they need better training.”

According to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, the students were charged with assault and disorderly conduct after they “got aggressive toward a teacher.”

Horton said nobody from