Russell Simmons Makes Meditation Simple in New Book ‘Success Through Stillness’ [Review]

Russell Simmons Makes Meditation Simple in New Book ‘Success Through Stillness’ [Review]

My first introduction to meditation was  through a class at my church when I was about 12. I always found it boring, so it wasn’t something I continued to practice as I got older. We would have to sit down, breathe and try to clear our minds. All requests that are difficult for a pre-teen to accomplish.

In the last few months I have read a lot of books about happiness, success and wealth. Many of these books mention meditation as a way to grow and cultivate a more peaceful life. Each time I finish one of those books I say to myself, “Yeah I should meditate.” But it was always something that I left on the back burner.

Recently, my co-worker gave me Russell Simmons’ new book Success Through Stillness: Meditation Made Simple. I read the entire thing and I must say if he doesn’t convince you of the value of mediation, you must not want to change your life.

The book is a thorough breakdown of how mediation can benefit your life holistically. Simmons uses real life examples of successful people, such as Oprah, Ellen DeGeneres and Forrest Whitaker, to convey the powerful effects of meditation.

With Simmons’ own personal experiences interjected, one cannot help but appreciate his candidness and transparency in how meditation has changed his life.

Without giving it all away, here are a few quotes within the book that sums up how meditation can make a difference in your life.

“When you take those twenty minutes and allow yourself to calm down and shut out the distractions, you’ll find that it becomes easier to see that your true happiness lies in the process, not the results.”

“When you meditate, you’ll learn how to let your thoughts exist on their own without getting too involved in them.”

Remember, this book is about success so initially you may think of it as a career guide.  However, you’ll soon realize it’s power over other life aspects such as your spirit, body and mind.

Take this as a personal recommendation from me. I have started to meditate and will diligently try to stick with it. Check back to see how it’s working!

Sasha T. King is a digital media professional living in the New York City area. She holds a Masters in Publishing and has worked in the publishing field for over three years. You can join Sasha on her journey of self-discovery at or connect with her on Twitter @SaTiKing.