Free!! Books of the Week – Summer Reads

Free!! Books of the Week – Summer Reads

Looking forward to the long awaited vacation time during those summer months?Whether you are having a staycation at home, a jaunt to the beach, or sightseeing overseas a good book is a cheap and easy fix during your downtime. Leave the expensive tablet at home! Enter below for your chance to win a selection of books for the summer months.

Visit our BE Rewarded site for your chance to enter. For a complete list of the categories and books available see below:


Psychic Junkie by Sarah Lassez with Gian Sardar

How Ya Like Me Now by Leslie A. Morris

The Girl with Three Legs by Soraya Mire


A Kettle of Vultures…Left Beak Marks on My Forehead by Sabrina Lamb

Street Chronicles: A Woman’s Work by Nikki Turner

The Full Matilda by David Haynes


Satan’s Sisters by Star Jones