Sumptuous Spirits Is Bringing Luxury Mobile Bartending to Metro Detroit

Sumptuous Spirits

As a college student at Miles College in Alabama, Lauren Daniels was always asked to be the bartender at parties off-campus. Thus, an idea struck.

“I was always the person that everyone would come to for the drinks. People were still asking when I moved back to Detroit. I saw a need for it but I wanted to make sure that our services were tailored to give that luxury experience,” Daniels says.

After attending bartending school, Sumptuous Spirits L.L.C. was created. According to the company, they cater to a target market of “social professionals” in entrepreneurial, professional, and corporate communities.

As a wife, corporate maven, and graduate student currently working toward a master’s degree in business administration, Daniels says that her first year in business has been all about balance and time management.

When asked what advice she could give an entrepreneur who is still breaking into their first year of business, she says there is one simple answer: “prioritize, prioritize, prioritize! I always have a planner and I faithfully write down everything I have to do for that day. When you try to do everything at one time you lose focus.”

The full-service mobile bartending company, which recently celebrated its one year in business, now boasts a staff of 10 cocktail waiters and bartenders. Daniels says managing a staff and dealing with the rapid growth of Sumptuous Spirits has been challenging, yet very rewarding.

“I’m very fortunate to now have an event coordinator and bar lead who help me with managing day-to-day operations. You can’t do it all alone and I’m learning to delegate tasks to my team,” Daniels states.

“When I started my business, I was so hesitant to host events but I realized that the events that I was having were bringing people together and people were able to see our services. Sumptuous Spirits is more than just a bartending service; we’re having events where people in the community can come together over a great cocktail. Whatever your dreams are, just do it. Put a plan in motion and go for it!” she concludes.

We’ll drink to that!

 Danielle D. Hughes is a social entrepreneur, journalist, and youth advocate. When she’s not writing or covering news, you’ll find her at church, spending time with loved ones, or enjoying a great read! Keep up with her: @danielledhughes