HR Managers Say New College Graduates Lack Work Ethic

HR Managers Say New College Graduates Lack Work Ethic

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So we hear it all the time: Millennials and young professionals have “entitled” attitudes and lack workplace discipline. Well, one recent survey has found data to support that notion, yet again.  Designed Learning, home of the Flawless Consulting workshops, recently released results of a survey of 2500 human resource professionals, who were asked to evaluate the performance of today’s college graduates compared with college graduates 10 years ago.

The survey revealed that 61 percent of these professionals believe today’s grads are unprepared for the workplace. According to respondents, compared with 10 years ago, young people are also underprepared for the workplace and less accountable for their work.

Respondents also said today’s college graduates are:

  • “Entitled & expecting to walk into leadership”
  • “Less socially tactful, flexible in face-to-face interactions”
  • “Less tolerant of cultural norms, less likely to make long-term investment in one company”
  • “Focused on flexible work schedules/perks”
  • “Less willing to adapt to a company culture, individualism reigns”.

But, there’s a positive side to the survey. Respondents also said recent grads are:

  • “More likely to take risk in order to get into leadership roles”
  • “Not prepared for the workplace as it exists, but more prepared for what it is becoming”
  • “Better able to use social media for business relationships”
  • “More likely to be satisfied with a career involving numerous employers”

“What this says about accountability,” says Bill Brewer, Designed Learning’s director of client relations, “is that when training new college graduates, improving accountability and stewardship to the greater organization has the utmost importance. Retention efforts should shift from coercion to creating a willingness to serve.”