Survey: Here Are the Top 10 Cities for Startup Growth

A new survey conducted by Robert Half Technology reveals that 56% of U.S. Chief Information Officers (CIO) say they’ve seen more startups moving to 10 specific cities within the past year. In turn, these metropolitan areas have become hubs for entrepreneurship and major attractions for small business owners looking for skilled technology talent. The entrepreneurs surveyed also said that living in a location with an high quality of life is another important factor driving them to these areas.

According to the report, new startups are popping up over the past year in New York, Charlotte, San Francisco, Atlanta, Washington, D.C., San Diego, Seattle, Cleveland, Detroit, and Phoenix.

The survey asked more than 2,600 CIOs in 26 metropolitan locations to list all of the factors contributing to startup and business growth in their area. Eighty-three percent said more technology candidates entering the job market; 82% said the city has become more innovative; 80% named an increased hiring of IT professionals in the area; and 77% said an increased ability to hire full-time due to more candidates in the area. Only 41% said a decreased ability to hire due to competition and not being able to stay competitive with salaries.

“Startup growth and expanding opportunities for technology professionals go hand in hand, and it’s encouraging to see it happening in many areas across the country,” said Jeff Weber, executive director of Robert Half Technology, in a statement. “Entrepreneurs want to be where there is access to talent, but they must also have strong infrastructure support, network partners and backing from the community. Similarly, tech workers want to be where the most innovative organizations are, but they also seek cities that are highly livable and have much to offer outside the office.”