Survey: American Workers Craving Job Satisfaction

Survey: American Workers Craving Job Satisfaction

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In today’s tough economy, many workers have said goodbye to just taking a check and hello to seeking career fulfillment. The Philips Work/Life Survey looked into vital factors of Americans’ job happiness, focusing on workers’ ability to mesh personal interests with their career as a way to create job satisfaction, achieve shared success with employers, and improve overall quality of life.

The survey found that 41% of those who don’t apply personal interests through their work regret their career path, (compared with only 23% who are able to do so and regret their path.) However, 51% of Americans have never changed career paths to integrate their work and personal life in a more meaningful way, and when comparing genders, men (47%) are more likely than women (30%) to be able to pursue personal passions through their work all or most of the time.

Check out more from the survey in the following infographic:

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