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More Minorities in C-Suite Is Good for Business

survey suggest that black women should also find supporters and sponsors who will speak on their behalf. Livers suggests they identify the group of people who can speak for them in an appropriate way, and find supporters who will help bring them into various meetings and sessions and be a bridge to the C-suite. While executive coaching is an area that respondents suggested as helpful, it is also necessary that black women communicate their experience to those who are trying to help them.

“Black women often don’t talk about the things that they have done,” Livers says. “Sometimes you have to find ways for your light to be seen … Are [you] letting people know that [you] would like to run a global assignment?”

Finally, the survey found that black women should be more aggressive and take chances by taking on assignments that are outside of their normal realm of experience. Doing so will show employers they are willing to stretch their thinking, and it will give them higher visibility and more impact within the company.