Top 8 Apps for SXSW Interactive Attendees

Top 8 Apps for SXSW Interactive Attendees

Attending a festival or conference is a great opportunity, and, with most attendees equipped with their smartphones, tablets or the latest breed of hand-held devices, the phablets, there are apps available that can make maneuvering the social scene relatively simple.  (If you’ve ever received a business card but couldn’t match the name on the card to a face or encounter, we’re talking to you.)

With South by Southwest Interactive beginning today in Austin, Texas, festival goers should look no further than their mobile devices to make their experience a lot smoother. From apps that let you build and view your entire SXSW schedule, to an app that records the information off of a business card, Mashable outlines essential apps for SXSW attendees.


Location-based social app Highlight was the “it” app last year at SXSW, but will likely be a favorite this go-around as well. Now, compatible with Android devices, the app allows users to add photos and events in real-time. It’s enhanced the photo feature including the ability to post photos from your photo roll, add filters, and save and share other people’s photos.

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