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After Public Dispute Goes Viral, T.I. Sticks With Son King Harris

T.I. and King Harris were seen arguing at recent Atlanta Falcons game

It seems like there is always something exciting and/or newsworthy going on with the Harris family, headed by recording artists and reality TV stars, rapper T.I. and his wife, R&B singer Tiny.

The latest episode: an argument that went viral between the parents and their son, King Harris, who is no stranger to controversy, at an Atlanta Falcons game in Atlanta.

The two took to Instagram to show that despite the recent incident the two will always have each other’s back, as T.I. wrote, “Ima RIDE to da heavens or da depths of HELL bout my Jr.& ain’t nothing gon change that.”

In the original video clip, the two have a friendly debate that exposes King’s lack of knowledge of some hip-hop legends.

But, before that, King filmed himself while going back and forth with his parents while they were in a suite at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium on Nov. 6. The argument ensued after T.I. explained that King, 19, has lived a good life compared to how he grew up.

“King, have you ever woke up with a roach on your face?” T.I. boomed. “Alright then! You don’t know what you talking ’bout!”

“To make him look better, he say sh** that he know not true,” King said. “Silver spoon? I ain’t never ate with that a day in my life.”

As they continued to go back and forth, his mother threw a jab at King, saying he stayed at his grandmother’s house because he used to cry “like a baby,” and that King’s grandmother would let him “suck a pacifier until he was 12 years old.”

Eventually, T.I. grabbed King and said, “You are embarrassing yourself and your family! Boy, you can’t do nothing with me! Ain’t sh*t you can do with me!”

Now it looks like everything is back to normal as father and son posted the latest episode of their Complex show, #GOATTalk, to their individual Instagram profiles.In this clip, they discuss certain rappers, with King shocked that Will Smith was actually a rapper before making it big as an actor.

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