Report: This Isn’t T.J. Holmes’ First Extramarital Affair With a Staffer at ABC

According to the latest report, there may be other reasons why executives from ABC News removed T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach from GMA3: What You Need To Know after the discovery that the two were romantically involved.

According to Page Six, Robach is not the first woman on set whom Holmes has engaged in extramarital affairs with. It is alleged that, along with a romance with Robach and producer Natasha Singh, the still-married co-host has had several other romances with women who are on the staff of the third hour of Good Morning America.

Page Six previously reported that Holmes and Singh had been an item for three years, starting back in 2016.

Singh, who was based in Los Angeles during that time, left the show in 2018 and moved to New York. She started a gig as a producer for a rival program, CBS Mornings. At that point, Holmes and Robach supposedly started spending more time together.

Holmes’ wife, Marilee Fiebig, discovered the two were having an affair in 2019, after finding several emails between Holmes and Singh.

Now, according to various sources behind the scenes, this may be one of the issues that resulted in him being dismissed, according to the outlet.

“T.J.’s cheating with ABC staffers was definitely one of the reasons why they were yanked off,” says a source. “It has become a distraction.”

Also, the insider stated that Holmes’ attitude may have contributed to his dismissal.

“He’s also a d—k to producers. No one likes working with him. He yells and has the biggest ego.”

According to TMZ, executives at ABC News decided on Monday to take the co-hosts off the air after finding out that the two were seeing each other. Initially, executives dismissed it as being between two consenting adults, stating that the relationship did not violate company policy.

But, during an editorial call on Monday, ABC News President Kim Godwin called the relationship an “internal and external distraction.” She also told staff members, “If you think there is something that management needs to know, you can always call HR or, as we’ve said, talk to a manager that you trust. If you think there is something that we need to know.”

Last week, BLACK ENTERPRISE reported that the hosts of GMA3: What You Need To Know were entangled in a romantic relationship, according to The Daily Mail. Although both hosts are separated, Holmes is still legally married to attorney Marilee Fiebig, while Robach is still married to Melrose Place actor Andrew Shue.