T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach Suit Up for Possible Lawsuit Against ABC for ‘GM3’ Suspension

T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach Suit Up for Possible Lawsuit Against ABC for ‘GM3’ Suspension

It appears the gloves are off between Good Morning America 3 anchors, T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach, and the ABC network.

The couple reportedly plans to sue the company in light of their suspension after information about their relationship was made public. 

Holmes and Robach’s love affair made headlines in November when news outlets released footage of the pair engaging in flirtatious behavior, including holding hands, despite being married to other people. Holmes, who recently filed for divorce, was married to Marilee Fiebig. At the same time, Robach was with Melrose Place star, Andrew Shue.

Immediately after the released footage, sources confirmed that Holmes and Robach were dating and separated from their partners long before the details about the romance came to light. The lovebirds’ relationship ultimately sparked controversy, so much so that ABC decided to temporarily pull Holmes and Robach off the air to investigate the situation.

Since then, Holmes and Robach have not received any word about why they were suspended or when the company planned to allow them to return to work.

According to TMZ, the pair have decided to lawyer up to get some answers. The site reported that Holmes and Robach are “confused and frustrated” by ABC’s actions, because when the story broke, the company initially told them that they wouldn’t be disciplined since their relationship was between two consenting adults. That decision ultimately changed in December 2022.

An insider suggested that the only thing Robach and Holmes may have done wrong was not giving ABC a heads-up about their relationship. TMZ reported that Robach hired lawyer, Andrew Brettler, while Holmes has recruited Eric George to defend his case. Sources close to the pair and their attorneys claim that ABC’s suspension may have been racially motivated because they were temporarily let go without cause.

They told the outlet, “Has ABC ever used the morals or conduct clause to fire or discipline two consenting adults at equal levels when both were white?”

The insider mentioned to TMZ that this situation would showcase ABC’s intentions if this is the only time they have cited “the morals clause” to suspend their anchors who happen to be in an interracial relationship. The source claimed that ABC’s disciplinary actions could damage Robach’s and Holmes’ “reputations and careers.”

No additional details have been released at this time.