He Gets Around: T.J. Holmes Reportedly Dated Chilli From TLC Before Marrying Marilee Fiebig

T.J. Holmes is apparently a ladies’ man based on recent a recent report that he dated a singer from a popular R&B group before he married his second wife, Marilee Fiebig.

According to TMZ, the currently suspended GMA3 co-host previously dated Rozonda Thomas who is famously known as Chili from TLC. The “No Scrubs” singer is in the news after confirming of her romance with actor Matthew Lawrence.

Holmes and Chili were an item back in 2007 when he was working at CNN, where Chili resides. They reportedly were “super affectionate” in and around the CNN Center.

He had already divorced his first wife in 2007 and did not marry Fiebig until 2010. There are conflicting reports on how long Holmes and Chilli dated. One person who used to work at CNN told TMZ that the pair were connected for almost a year. Sources close to the TLC member insist it was only a couple of months.Now that Holmes is officially romantically involved with his GMA3 co-host, Amy Robach, he has filed divorce papers to end the marriage to Fiebig, his wife of 13 years. According to The Daily Mail, Holmes and Robach were engaging in a romantic relationship in June 2022. The two recently separated from their respective spouses this past summer in August. Robach is almost officially divorced from Melrose Place actor Andrew Shue.

Last week, Holmes and Robach were seen on a romantic stroll in Miami with Robach having her arm wrapped around Holmes. The two were also spotted recently in Atlanta before they returned to New York City.

The current lovers reportedly started their romance last year in March 2022 while both were training for the New York City Marathon.
Holmes and Robach, who both hosted GMA3: What You Need To Know, have both been suspended as an investigation into their relationship continues.