Tabitha Brown Wants You to Stop Asking Her to Change Her Southern Charm for Your Comfort

Tabitha Brown has become a beloved online influencer, thanks partly to her affable nature, sweet Southern lilt, and relatability. Through her motivational videos, she’s essentially become the online auntie who only wants to see the best in you blossom.

But apparently, some who want to do business with Brown didn’t get the memo that the vibrant, authentic Tab is non-negotiable when it comes to securing deals with her brand.

At issue, the 43-year-old influencer is being asked to be anything but her dynamic self. So in a video, Brown cautioned anyone looking to link forces with her not to ask her to pipe down her personality and southern charm to make them comfortable or to fit their brand.

Brown, who has built an empire, locking in deals with Target and has a new vegan-centric cooking show on The Food Network, took to Facebook to lay down the law on the do’s and don’ts when trying to secure a partnership with her brand.

“I’ve had to break down a lot of walls and barriers to get to my freedom! To walk proudly and confident in my truth is still an everyday pursuit!! I’m not going to change!! I’m also not going to be quiet about when things feel wrong!” Brown said emphatically in a Facebook post.

She continued: “I always come from my heart and I’m very direct and honest. In the entertainment world, I know that’s frowned upon especially coming from a woman. Sometimes my niceness makes people think that I’m weak, but I’m not!”

In the passionate video, Brown matter-of-factly explained that brands had asked her to be different for their benefit. But she waved off those critics with her words, saying she’s not changing for anyone.

“There is not a company, there is not a network, there is not a person, place or thing that is going to change who I am… If you don’t like everything that makes Tab, Tab, don’t work with me ’cause I’m not going to change… If it ain’t enough for you, then You Not for me.”

Tell em’ Tab!

As BLACK ENTERPRISE previously reported, known as “America’s Mom,” Brown is an actress, author, vegan chef, and social media personality. She gained popularity with her viral video content that irresistibly spreads joy, earning the title of one of TikTok’s top 10 creators in 2020 and amassing a loyal following of nearly five million.

Today, Brown who stars in a YouTube original kids show has a reoccurring role on Showtime’s The Chi, co-owns a vegan restaurant, and authored Feeding the Soul (2021).

We don’t know who’s making auntie Tab mad but just know her online nieces and nephews have got her back!

Watch her new show “It’s CompliPlated” on Tuesdays at 1 pm on @foodnetwork or stream it on @discoveryplus.