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The High Life: Black Film Fest founder Jeff Friday Makes a Move

Elayne Fluker host Tai Beauchamp talks to the film advocate about the star-studded film festival and what he sees as the future for blacks in film...

WATCH: Actor Jamie Hector on Film Roles, Philanthropy
Actor Jamie Hector sat down with to talk about his latest role, his best money advice, and the foundation that helps him pursue his...

WATCH: Urbanworld Film Festival Draws Top Black Talent

Marcia Wade Talbert
The 14th Annual Urbanworld Film Festival kicked off on Thursday with the movie Night Catches Us, starring Kerry Washington, Anthony Mackie, and Jamie Hector. The...

Kerry Washington Shines at Urbanworld Film Festival

Janell Hazelwood
Actress Kerry Washington discusses the Urbanworld Film Festival, the best money advice she’s received, and her experience on the set of Tyler Perry’s November release,...