Take Back Your Life!

Take Back Your Life!

Born with a birth defect that led to her leg being amputated when she was 5, Bonnie St. John learned early in life that people often underestimate those with disabilities. Today, the three time Paralympics medalist (in skiing), motivational speaker, and author of several books including Live Your Joy (FaithWords; $19.99) and How Strong Women Pray (FaithWords; $16.99) shares how she reclaimed her power by following her passion in sports, business, and education–all helping to create the life she wanted to live. And you too can value yourself despite the circumstances. Here’s how:

Reclaim your power though sports

Sports help you in terms of being competitive and being able to push through your own discomfort. But being physically strong and healthy is also part of what projects confidence.

Reclaim your power in business

When someone seems to be condescending or judgmental, remain professional and engaging. Eventually you may win them over, or at least get less opposition.

Reclaim your power through education…

When I got the opportunity to attend Harvard University, I didn’t care whether I was going to be comfortable or not. I was going to control the course of my life.

For more on how Bonnie St. John overcame challenges, the perception of others and at times her own self-doubt, read “The Power of Confidence” in the February 2011 issue of BLACK ENTERPRISE.

Tell us what you think: Have you ever had to reclaim your power because someone or something may have taken it from you? If so, what did you do to gain it back?