Exonerated Five Member Yusef Salaam Mocks Trump Indictment With His Own Ad

Exonerated Five Member Yusef Salaam Mocks Trump Indictment With His Own Ad

Donald Trump’s recent indictment has pushed the (rightful) petty button for one of the exonerated Central Park Five members.

NBC News reports Yusef Salaam put out a statement via social media mocking a full-page ad that Trump issued 34 years ago, in 1989, against him and his friends. “Over 30 years ago, Donald Trump took out full page ads calling for my execution,” Salaam tweeted. “On the day he was arrested and arraigned, here is my ad in response.”

Trump’s ad called for New York State to bring back the death penalty and strengthen police presence after the brutal beating and rape of a female jogger in Central Park. Salaam took the time to express his thoughts on the former President’s criminal charges. “On May 1, 1989, almost thirty-four years ago, Donald J. Trump spent $85,000 to take out full-page ads in The New York Times, New York Daily News, New York Post and New York Newsday, calling for the execution of the Central Park Five,” Salaam wrote.

“An act he has never apologized for, even after someone else confessed to and was convicted of the crime, the convictions of all five of us were overturned, and we were renamed the Exonerated Five.”

Last week, Trump entered a not guilty plea after being arraigned in New York City and charged with 34 felony counts of falsifying business records.

To date, Trump has yet to apologize to the five young men, claiming “you have people on both sides of that. They admitted their guilt.” Black Enterprise reported that Salaam, who is running for New York City Council, recently tweeted that Trump’s acts is simply “karma.”