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Tamar Braxton’s Ex-BFF Accuses Her Of Not Paying Staff for Promotional Footage: ‘You Have No Respect For Anyone’

Tamar Braxton has fallen out with yet another friend.

Tamar Braxton has fallen out with yet another friend. This time, she’s been accused of not compensating him (and others) for footage she used in promoting her tour.

All the drama unfolded on Twitter Thursday, Dec. 14 after Tamar posted a promotional video of her current “Love and War” 10-year anniversary tour.

“I can’t wait to see you all my Tamartians friends! Tickets are on sale right now and are going fast!” she wrote.

But once her former best friend LeTroy caught wind of the video post, he left a comment claiming to be the rightful owner of the footage.

“Since this is YOUR tour, you need to pay your own camera people and editors to shoot and edit footage of you,” he wrote. “You were sent notices to not use this footage, yet you did. You have no respect for anyone. Take this down please.”

LeTroy followed up with another tweet providing more context into his quarrel with Tamar. He claimed that he offered the singer the rights to use the footage, but she responded with shade.

“I sent you and your team this edit being nice offering you the rights to acquire this footage you refused and said “this girl has gone wild” in reference to me,” he explained. “So wild my footage off your page.”

LeTroy then went on a Twitter rant claiming to have planned Tamar’s current tour and demanding for the footage to be taken down.

“Dog I have had enough. I’m not protecting her anymore. I wish I never ever planned that tour,” he wrote.

“I just want my footage taken down,” he added.

“I’ve been beaten down for over a month straight publicly and privately and today just sent me OVER,” LeTroy continued.

“I am about to lose my mind! I’ve been trying to be done with this for a month! I’d jump off the roof but then Tamar would say I did it to hurt her and that if it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t have a roof. And that I should apologize to her for jumping.”

There’s apparently more to this story, but according to LeTroy, “She don’t care. We have fallen out before but THIS is the worst betrayal yet.”

LeTroy’s comments come in the wake of an incident on Tamar’s tour with Chrisean Rock where the Zeus star reportedly assaulted Tamar’s background singer James Wright Chanel. LeTroy claims that Tamar is mad at him for speaking out on the incident before she did.

“Yall notice how she been so quiet about what happened to James? She mouth of the south any other time,” he quipped. “She mad cuz I said something before her.”

On Friday, Tamar appeared to post a subliminal response to LeTroy claiming to be owed an apology.

“Some of y’all really owe me an apology. Seriously!! y’all believe ANYTHING negative ANYONE says about me. SMH💔,” she wrote.


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