Tamar Braxton Talks Pregnancy, Motherhood in Revealing Interview

Tamar Braxton Talks Pregnancy, Motherhood in Revealing Interview

Tamar Braxton and Vince Herbert have been at the top of media’s gossip chain since the first episode of WEtv’s Braxton Family Values aired April 12, 2011. With Tamar’s Igotplentyofmouth.com attitude and Vince’s laidback, go-with-the-flow persona, audiences were captivated by the couple’s ability to get through the good and the bad–at home and in business.

Now, three seasons later, the most popular Braxton on TV and her music executive husband have proven why they are the topic of everyone’s conversation. After swearing they would never have children, the Hollywood couple is expecting their first born–who according to Tamar will be their only born–and as Vince says, “It was all God; had nothing to do with us.”

While expecting her first child–the sex of the baby is still not officially confirmed–the 36-year-old songstress and reality star is now on her way to the top of her career as she recently released her first major single, “Love and War,” in December.

With a baby on the way, a budding singing career on the fast track and a top-notch husband who is responsible for some of the biggest names in music, BlackEnterprise.com sat down with the couple in Manhattan to find out just how crazy life in the Herbert house is these days with so much going on. Tamar had one thing to say, and Vince another.

So from babies to business, here’s part one with one half of TV’s hottest couple, Tamar Braxton spilling it all.

What She Said…

Black Enterprise: When did you decide that you wanted to have a kid?

Tamar: I didn’t decide that I wanted to have a kid. The decision was made for me. [Laughs].

BE: Did you guys ever have the talk, if you get pregnant, this is what we’re gonna do?

Tamar: Well, we had the talk about kids, but it was never like, “If we get pregnant…” We knew that wasn’t a possibility for us. We went through in vitro just to preserve the future, you know. We didn’t know what we wanted to do, and we didn’t want to get in a situation where it would be too late. So, that [conversation] took never really took place.

BE: When you first found out you were pregnant did you think you wanted a boy or a girl?

Tamar: When I first found out, it wasn’t about is it a boy or a girl; it was more like…I’m so excited! It was like, what the hell just happened, and how did this happen? That’s what my initial response was. But now, I just want to have a very, very healthy, gorgeous baby.

BE: Now that you know you are having baby No. 1, do you want more because you come from such a big family?

Tamar: I do not want any more kids [smiles big]! No! I’m blessed to have a great pregnancy, but I don’t know how I would feel if this happened to me a second time.

BE: Are you guys gonna add anything else to the family, like another puppy?

Tamar: No! Oh my God, wouldn’t it be something if we stuck our foot right in our mouths and had a bunch of kids and like seven dogs…I cant’ see that happening for the Herberts.

BE: How do you think a baby will change your career now that your single is all over the charts?

Tamar: I don’t think a baby will change my career because I don’t plan to go about my career any differently. I’m still gonna work hard because I love to work, and I love what I do. I think a baby will just add more happiness to it.

BE: Are you glad you waited so long to release your first single? Your fans knew you were anxious to get things going.

Tamar: I was definitely anxious, even before Braxton Family Values was even talked up, but I’m just glad that it all lined up. It made sense, and now I feel like everything came out at the right time.

BE: How stressful was the process of putting the single together once you were in it?

Tamar: It wasn’t stressful at all, actually. We wrote and recorded the record, and that was it. It was done. Like I said, I was just very excited and anxious for it to come out. I got tired of listening to it in the car by myself [laughs].

BE: Were you nervous right before the single was set to release?

Tamar: No, I wasn’t nervous at all, surprisingly, and usually I’m always nervous. I was just anxious and excited that it was coming out ’cause that’s really all I wanted. I didn’t even think about, oh it’s No.1! Everybody’s loving it. I just wanted to have material out, and I was just ready for that.

BE: How often does the mix of business and marriage affect your life at home?

Tamar: It definitely affects our personal life because sometimes you don’t know when to cut it off. Now, if we went out on a date night, sometimes [Vince] wants to still talk about business; I don’t. Or sometimes I still want to talk about business, and he doesn’t. You just have to find that balance in your relationship, and I think that comes from talking and being brutally honest with each other. If you’re having a steak dinner, be like, Boo, I really don’t feel like talking about this right now. What’s up with me and you? That’s what you have to do.

BE: When it comes to business, what is the most annoying thing about Vince?

Tamar: The most annoying thing about Vince when it comes to business is he doesn’t always give you an answer when you want it. I can ask him something, and he’ll be like, I’m waiting for a phone call, I’ll tell you later. And you’re like, Ugh! Then you ask him later, and he doesn’t have an answer for you because he doesn’t wanna tell you, or it’s not the right time to tell you, or maybe he just doesn’t know. But that’s so annoying to me as an artist because I want things right now, right now, right now, I wanna know, I wanna know, I wanna know, and it just doesn’t happen like that, especially with him.