Tami Roman Sabotaged Her Replacement After Quitting Morgan Stanley to Star on ‘Basketball Wives’

TV star Tami Roman received mixed responses after admitting to sabotaging her replacement at the Morgan Stanley job she was forced to quit.

The Basketball Wives star opened up in the comments section of The Shade Room post about “co-workers shutting down company systems after being fired.” In a post captured by Atlanta Black Star, Roman recalled the time she had to quit her job at Morgan Stanley, after the company gave her an ultimatum to stay or go and pursue reality stardom.

“The finance firm I worked for told me I couldn’t continue to do BBW & work for them, so the day before season 3 aired, I quit,” Roman shared.

She went on to detail how difficult she made it for her replacement to do her job,  due to all the company files she deleted. Roman snatched files, took her office keys, erased all the work she had on her work computer, and “bounced.”

“[I] took all my files, my key card, office keys, erased all my work off the computer, all the executive’s calendars & files and bounced,” she quipped.

“I sure didn’t make it easy for someone to step into my role (laughing emoji). I’m sorry.”

The shocking reveal received a number of mixed responses from others who thought the move was extremely “petty” and unprofessional.

“Now THAT is petty boots! That’s what they get,” one user wrote.

“Lmao Queen of petty and I love it. HAHAHAHA.”

“So you been Petty huh?”

Others scolded The Real World alum for seemingly trying to destroy the company that had been helping pay her bills.

“Damn, so you didn’t even do anything that affected the firm,” one user wrote. “You just made the new person’s onboarding a nightmare.”

“You didn’t even hurt Management, u f–ked over a new employee,” added someone else.