Tamika Mallory

Tamika Mallory Blasts Kanye West for Weaponizing Black Culture, ‘Be Quiet & Get Some Real Help’

Social justice advocate Tamika Mallory called out Kanye West for how he’s “weaponized” Black culture to gain support after “losing” Kim Kardashian.

Mallory appeared on Fox Soul’s Brutally Honest with Jasmine Brand on Tuesday, where the activist was asked to share her thoughts on the current controversy surrounding Kanye West. Between wearing “White Lives Matter” t-shirts, making anti-semitic statements, and getting his Adidas partnership canceled, Kanye has been the talk of the town.

But Mallory thinks it’s all a ploy for the rap/fashion mogul to gain support after his divorce from Kim K.

“I think that Kanye is upset because he lost his woman,” Mallory said.

“He’s trying to weaponize other communities to help him fight his personal battle.”

She referenced Kanye’s recent interview on Nore’s Drink Champs, where he attempted to defend his “White Lives Matter” t-shirt.

“In one of the clips from the recent interview he did on ‘Drink Champs,’ he said, ‘if y’all don’t want me to wear white lives matter T-shirt….then the culture should get behind me when they take my child’….So now what you’re saying is we should be involved in your custody issues, your family business,” Mallory quipped.

“How many Black men has Kanye helped that can’t see their children?”

The same interview led to Kanye being sued by George Floyd’s family for making statements saying Floyd died from a fentanyl overdose and not Derek Chauvin’s kneeling on his neck for over nine minutes.

Kanye also made negative comments about the Jewish community that have since led to Adidas cutting ties with the rapper and maintaining possession of all his Yeezy designs.

As a result of Kanye’s axed Adidas partnership, his billionaire status was revoked as his net worth dropped by $400 million, Forbes reports.