A Day In The Life of MSNBC Star, Tamron Hall

A Day In The Life of MSNBC Star, Tamron Hall

Tamron Hall has a hectic schedule. That’s the life of a rising network star. Preparation is key to her success.

Uptown Magazine writer Sana Butler discusses what makes Hall tick and how she has become so successful.

It’s minutes before Tamron Hall steps onto the set of her MSNBC daytime show, NewsNation, and right now the host is on the hunt for printouts of the day’s top stories she’s been following since 9 a.m.: a gay Syrian blogger (which later was found to be an Internet hoax), the GOP primary debates, Los Angeles schools’ budget gap, and a D.C. serial rapist’s revived cold case. Her interviews are live. Her bulleted questions are ready. Hall is so well prepared that she even comfortably tweets five minutes before going on air about the upcoming Father’s Day segment: “Executive editor of People magazine on live, to discuss essay Pres. Obama wrote to fathers 2 p.m. ET.”

Then, a monkey wrench.

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