Tanisha Godfrey, Voice Behind the Viral Chicken Salad Video, Lands Partnership With Weight Watchers

Tanisha Godfrey, Voice Behind the Viral Chicken Salad Video, Lands Partnership With Weight Watchers

Tanisha Godfrey is getting to the money with a newly announced partnership with Weight Watchers.

The Cleveland native went viral after a TikTok video of her saying, “Y’all better come up here and get one of these…It’s a chicken salad…81st Deli…superior” became a popular audio on social media.


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According to Weight Watchers, the viral social media star visited their kitchen to make her dream chicken salad, “The Nisha Chicken Salad.”

“Y’all better come up and get (or make) this #chickensalad,” Weight Watchers wrote. “TikTok star Nisha Godfrey came to visit us at the WeightWatchers test kitchen and made us her dream chicken salad. The key ingredients? Raw mushrooms and banana peppers. Loaded with other ZeroPoint faves like pickles, grilled chicken, and tomatoes, this salad only needs a sprinkle of Parm and a bit of vinaigrette, plus a dash of lemon pepper for superior flavor.”


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Today reported that the sound byte went viral last month after Godfrey was recorded eating at Wael Herbawi’s restaurant.

“I had got off work. Because it was hot, I was like, I don’t want anything heavy. So I stopped at the store like I normally do,” Godfrey said. “And I was like, ‘Hey, you guys make salad now, right? And (Herbawi) was like, ‘Yes.’ So I was like, ‘Can I get a chicken salad?’ and I gave him the extra things to put in. And once he was done, it was a beautiful salad. So he said, ‘Hey, let’s make a TikTok.’ And that’s where it started.”

“Like, it’s me. Wow, it’s me. So I’m still in a moment of surreal,” she added about becoming a viral sensation. “It’s weird. I can’t really explain it. It’s just the whole world knows my name now.”

Godfrey shared with her Instagram followers that she made a nice profit from the partnership with Weight Watchers, who featured Godfrey’s salad in its list of over 12,000 recipes.

“…that bag made it gorgeous,” she said in response to one user’s comment regarding the appearance of the salad.

Along with bringing major publicity and sales to the Godfrey’s video has brought a major profit to Herbawi’s restaurant, the social media star has created merchandise inspired by the video which includes graphic tees, hoodies, aprons, and more.