Tap Into The World of Documentaries with CuriosityStream HD

Tap Into The World of Documentaries with CuriosityStream HD


One of many people’s favorite pastimes over the past several years has been sitting down and watching documentaries. Netflix has been a popular vehicle, but the rising costs of streaming services have deterred a lot of people from signing up.

YouTube has always been a capable alternative, but the service’s ever-present ads have made for frustrating viewing.

CuriosityStream is the alternative you didn’t know you needed. This award-winning program provides unlimited access to thousands of the best documentaries on the planet. A lifetime subscription to CuriosityStream’s HD Plan is available for just $179. That’s a savings of 28% from its MSRP ($250).

Millions of subscribers are enjoying CuriosityStream’s programs. New content is added weekly, so you’ll never run out of programs to watch. The documentaries are streamed in HD (1920×1080), which can be viewed on multiple devices. Titles include “The Butterfly Effect”, “Deep Time History”, “America’s National Parks”, and many more.

CuriosityStream offers a clean and intuitive interface, which enhances your viewing experience. However, you can browse titles with multiple search tools to help you quickly find your favorite subject areas.

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Thirty verified purchasers have rated this product five stars. It’s also received 4.7 stars on the Apple Store, while it’s rated 4.3 stars on the Google Play Store. PCMag gave it 4 stars in its review.

“This deal is an incredible value, the content is great and always improving. They also put a good amount of effort into app improvements. I really enjoy that they have short series or longer documentaries to choose from,” writes verified buyer Jason Manboadh.

CuriosityStream can be accessed via web browsers, via Android 5.0 or later, via iOS 11 or later, or on Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV 4, Xbox One, and more devices.

Documentaries not only boost brain power and offer entertainment, but they’ve also helped change the world. CuriosityStream is an excellent and more-than-capable platform to take your documentary viewing to the next level. Purchase this deal today.

Prices subject to change.