Tap Into The World Of Psychology With This Psychotherapy Bundle
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Tap Into The World Of Psychology With This Psychotherapy Bundle

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Over the past two years, there’s been a significant shift in thinking toward therapy. Attitudes surrounding mental health have begun to change, and there’s been a concerted effort to encourage people to embrace mental health and seek out ways to ensure a clearer mind.

Therapy sessions are no longer limited to offices. Virtual appointments and mobile device-based apps have seen significant increases in recent years. According to a November 2020 report from the American Psychological Association, those in the field reported a “Large Increase In Demand For Anxiety, Depression Treatment.”

While there’s never been a more encouraging time for therapists, the same can be said for those who have wanted to explore the field of psychotherapy. The Complete 2022 Psychotherapy Training Bundle is a great way to explore the field. For a limited time, it’s available for just $35.99. That’s a savings of 98% from its MSRP ($1,990). Ten courses spanning 218 lessons are included in this bundle. Individually, each course costs $199.

Starting with the How to Become a Psychotherapist course, interested parties will learn about what the field of psychotherapy entails along with information about opening their own practice. Also, learn about psychotherapeutic approaches and types, and understand various types of mental health disorders, among other important topics. This course currently has a rating of 4.6 stars.

The Introduction to Psychotherapy course, which is rated 4.5 stars, offers a much clearer understanding of career paths in the field. Students will learn how to provide psychotherapy to children, adults, families, and groups, and they’ll come to know the benefits of online psychotherapy. This course is fully accredited by the International Association of Therapists (IAOTH).

Additional courses include Psychology & Therapy of Addictions, Gestalt Psychotherapy, ACT: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Break the Cycle of Worry: Lower Your Anxiety & Raise Your Resilience with CBT, and others.

Nationwide efforts have been concentrated on promoting better mental health as there’s been somewhat of a paradigm shift in thinking. This 10-course bundle offers a deep dive into the field and explores whether it is for you. Purchase it today.

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