Taraji P. Henson Spending One Month in Bali Alone as Part of Her ‘Spiritual Journey’

Actress Taraji P. Henson is kicking off the New Year on a solo spiritual journey in Bali, Indonesia.

The Oscar-winning actress appeared on Angie Martinez’ In Real Life podcast, where she opened up about her need for a solo trip to find herself. Martinez shared a clip to Facebook on Tuesday where Henson described her reasoning for the extended trip to find her “happiness” again.

“I’m about to go to Bali for a month by myself. It’s my own spiritual journey,” Henson said.

“I gotta find my happiness. And it’s not in my friends. It’s not in my mama…It’s me.”

When Martinez noted how Henson, 52, is known for making people happy with her presence and bubbly personality, Henson addressed the internal battles she’s been dealing with.

“I thought I was happy but the things that I thought — I’m gonna get emotional I don’t want to—the things that I thought was making me happy they don’t they don’t cut it anymore,” she said.

“So I’m in a place where what does that look like? And I’m kind of spinning because I don’t know…To be quite honest with you, Angie, I haven’t been happy, like purely happy, in a long time.”

Martinez shared her fondness for solo travel and how she takes a solo trip once a year to focus on herself without any distractions. The radio personality also apologized after Henson explained why she hadn’t been completely happy in life.

But, Henson explained why the solo trip is an attempt to reset after pouring so much of herself into others for so long.

“I’m not because it’s just a wake-up call,” she continued. “I’m still here. I’m still living. So that means I still have time to find it. And it’s work. And it’s OK because it’s for the benefit of me.”