Target Practice

Q: I will be graduating in June with an M.B.A. and I’m starting my job search now, but I’m not sure how to advertise my job experience. I’m a former Army captain with experience in personnel administration management, logistics, and communications systems. Are there any companies that can assist me in putting together a plan of action and help me with my job search? I am interested in working for FEMA, the Department of Veterans Affairs, and Budweiser, just to name a few.
— D. Coleman, Via the Internet

A: Even though you’ll have an M.B.A., the emphasis should not be on your credentials or the job titles you’ve held. The emphasis in your job search should be on your specific skills and talents and how they have contributed to your professional success. Titles and degrees carry significantly less weight than they did a decade ago.

You don’t mention your area of concentration, but an M.B.A. that supported or enhanced your qualifications would be most beneficial. Two of the three companies that you mention, FEMA and the Department of Veterans Affairs, are government agencies and have extensive job offerings online. Remember to research what each department or company is looking for, and you should send a specially tailored resumé to each department or company.

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