Former Miss Michigan, Taylor Hale, Becomes First Black Woman To Be Crowned Champion Of Big Brother

Former Miss Michigan, Taylor Hale, Becomes First Black Woman To Be Crowned Champion Of Big Brother

After surviving many eviction and bullying attempts, Taylor Hale left the Big Brother house a champion and $800,000 richer.

The 2021 Miss Michigan USA winner has just made history with her latest crowning as Big Brother’s 24th season winner. According to The Detroit News, Hale’s 8-1 feat on Sunday night meant that she became the first Black woman to win the CBS reality show since its first premiered in 2000.

Hale’s fellow houseguests delivered a dominating jury vote that earned the 27-year-old winner a $750,000 cash prize and an additional $50,000 for being named America’s Favorite Houseguest, a fan-voted award. Hale also became the first Big Brother winner to win America’s Favorite Houseguest prize.

Hale defeated Delaware personal trainer Monte Taylor and Matthew Turner, a rugmaker and thrift store owner from Massachusetts.

During her impassioned pitch to the nine-member jury, Hale acknowledged her resilience during her 82 days in the Big Brother house. She noted the numerous evictions and the bullying she faced at the hands of her housemates earlier in the season.

“I have bandaged myself together every single time and gotten up and continued to fight, because like so many other women in the world, that is what we have to do to get to the end,” Hale explained, according to the Daily Mail.

“I’m more than my wins in this game. I have overcome so much in this game and I have come to understand that I am not a shield, I am a sword,” she added.

The West Bloomfield native is no stranger to taking home a crown, but she receives a hefty reward this time.

“This is like winning Miss Congeniality all over again, but there’s a cash prize this time!” Hale said, per the news outlet.

As for her spending plans, Hale joked to host Julie Chen Moonves that she’s “gonna spend a lot on potato chips after this” during her post-show interview.