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Ohio Teacher Faces Termination For Calling In Sick To Attend Concert

An Ohio teacher is on the brink of losing her job after allegedly using two sick days to attend a concert out of state.

Eileen Washburn, a beloved teacher at Lakota West High School in Ohio, is now on the brink of losing her job after she allegedly used two sick days, February 8 and 9, to attend a concert out of state, according to People. The Lakota Local School Board voted to place her on unpaid leave pending further action.

According to school district records, Washburn called in sick, claiming she was unwell, but instead attended a show in Nashville. During a pre-disciplinary meeting, Washburn reportedly refused to provide details about her whereabouts or the necessity of her sick time.

Washburn, who has been with Lakota West since 2015, faces termination unless she requests a hearing before the board vote scheduled for April 22. Interim Superintendent Elizabeth Lolli highlighted that Washburn’s actions violate state law, collective bargaining agreements, and professional ethics codes

Lolli emphasized that Ohio law and Lakota’s agreements strictly define reasons for sick leave, unlike private employers with broader policies. Falsifying sick leave is considered a serious violation and grounds for termination.

A statement from the school district, acquired by LOVEBSCOTT, reads, “During her pre-disciplinary meeting, she refused to answer questions regarding your whereabouts or specifics on her alleged need for sick leave. From the evidence gathered, the conclusion was that Ms. Washburn’s actions violated O.R.C. §3319.141, Collective Bargaining Agreement Section 14.01(H), a number of Board Policies, including 3432 (Sick Leave) and 3210 (Staff Ethics). Her actions also violated the Licensure Code of Professional Conduct for Ohio Educators, specifically Principles 1 and 3. 4. Other good and just cause.”

While Washburn and Lakota’s School Board President, Julie Shaffer, have yet to respond to requests for comment, the community’s reaction has been mixed. Some expressed support for the board’s decision, while others raised concerns about the handling of the matter on social media platforms.