Teacher’s Aide Allegedly Chokes 5-Year-Old Student After Not Allowed To Use the Bathroom

Teacher’s Aide Allegedly Chokes 5-Year-Old Student After Not Allowed To Use the Bathroom

A mother in Texas alleges that her 5-year-old son was returned from school with bruising on his neck due to the teacher’s aide choking the child after he was told he was not allowed to go to the bathroom. 

Kindergarten student Cameron Sonnier was allegedly assaulted at Beatrice Mayes Institute in Houston, after he ran to the restroom despite being told he could not go, reports FOX 26. The teacher’s aide, whose name was not released, reportedly followed the child to the restroom where she choked him. 

On Sept. 2, Cameron’s mother Denise Sonnier received a call from the school nurse informing her that Cameron’s neck was bruised and the broken skin had the impression of a nail print. 

“She said Cameron had a scratch on his neck, and she was going to clean it up because the skin had been broken; it was like a nail print, like a rounding of a nail,” Denise said.

“He said he didn’t want to pee himself, and he ran out the classroom to use the restroom, and that’s how she ended up coming in the restroom and choked him,” the child’s mother explained.

Cameron additionally shared that the woman also grabbed him by the ear the day before after he came home complaining about pain on his ear.

“He actually had sores and scratches behind his ear,” she said.

Denise urged parents to pay closer attention to their children for signs of abuse, as children are often scared to speak out against an adult.

“I feel like that teacher should be put in jail, she assaulted him,” said the concerned mother.

“He had been coming home saying, that teacher, that teacher,” she recalled.

Denise says she has pulled Cameron and his twin sister out of Beatrice Mayes Institute and has filed a police report against the teacher’s aide.

Upon reaching out to the district about their employee’s actions, Superintendent ​​Christopher Mayes sent the outlet a statement that read:

“Because this is a student matter, I am bound by law not to reveal any confidential information about the student or the specific details at this time. However, I can share that I am meeting with the student’s parents tomorrow morning. I will also meet with the school employee, who is on paid administrative leave until this matter is resolved. I will be seeking to confirm that our student discipline and school safety policies were implemented correctly. Subsequently, I will appropriate any action necessary for the well-being of the child and of the School.”