Teachers Union Rep Anticipates Obama Win

Teachers Union Rep Anticipates Obama Win

Brenda Pryor, is a field representative for Cook County College Teachers Union, Local 1600, which endorsed Sen. Barack Obama because of his record on education and labor. As an education industry professional, she’d like the next president to revamp financial aid to allow more socio-economically disadvantaged students to attend college. “He should also restructure No Child Left Behind to lessen the emphasis on arbitrary test scores and encourage innovative and effective strategies that promote true learning,” Pryor says.

Not surprisingly, if Obama becomes president, Pryor would be extremely happy. “For me, personally, it would mean that reason, education, and hope outweighed prejudice and fear; that African Americans can contribute to the country more than rap music and athletes,” she says.

Pryor’s union has tickets for Obama’s Election Night rally in Chicago’s Grant Park, but the anticipated crowds don’t appeal to her. “So, I’ll probably be at home watching the returns on TV. Sad but true!” But, if Obama wins, it’s a pretty safe bet Pryor will be celebrating no matter where she is when she gets the news.

Joyce Jones is reporting from Chicago for BlackEnterprise.com.