Cool Jobs: 12 Emerging Careers in Tech

Cool Jobs: 12 Emerging Careers in Tech

Technology will continue to grow at an exponential rate making many of the jobs today obsolete in the near future. It is essential to make sure that you are aware of the growth and find new opportunities to transfer your skills. Whether you are a recent grad, or a seasoned professional keeping up with the trends will keep you on top of the game and gainfully employed. Daniel Burrus, an AOL Jobs contributor, created a list of careers in tech that will lead to new jobs.

He says “Changes in the education and workplace landscape not only impact job seekers, but educators and employers as well. It’s estimated that by 2025, we could have 20 million jobs without enough qualified people to fill them. Before you start thinking that there will be no jobs for humans to do in the near future, first realize that technology has always eliminated jobs. What we’re experiencing now is nothing new.”

Here are a few of his suggestions:

1. Mobile hardware, software and services will continue to rapidly evolve, creating many new careers, as all phones become smartphones, and our primary computer and tablets continue to evolve as our laptop replacement. This new level of mobility will allow any size business to transform how they market, sell, communicate, collaborate, educate, train and innovate.

2. Remote visual communications will become a primary relationship-building tool for businesses of all sizes as employees use smartphones, tablets and laptops, in combination with current video conferencing systems, to communicate at new levels with customers, partners and employees.

3. Social business enterprise management will grow rapidly as organizations shift from an Information Age “informing” model to a Communication Age “communicating and engaging” model. New careers will emerge as social software rapidly grows — with applications to enhance business relationships, collaboration, networking, social validation and more. Social search will increasingly shape careers as marketers, researchers and those on Wall Street create applications and services to tap into millions of daily tweets and Facebook conversations, providing real-time analysis of many key consumer metrics.

For the complete list visit AOL Jobs.