Tech CEO Don Charlton Explains How His Company Survived Early Challenges
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[TechConnext Summit] Tech CEO Don Charlton Explains How His Company Survived Early Challenges

Now that Jazz has evolved, Charlton is managing larger companies, like divisions of Samsung. Jazz was even the official campaign recruiting platform for both Romney for President and Obama for America during the 2012 presidential election. Now, for the 2016 election season, Jazz has remastered those same features, put them under one umbrella, and marketed them to the current presidential candidates. Several have adopted Jazz for their campaigns.

Essentially, Jazz bridges the gap between performance and recruiting. It can be essential for companies that tend to hire over and over again for the same positions because it helps employers become good at hiring. The software’s performance-centric features help employers build a role model of the ideal employee profile by including attributes that are critical to a top performer. These attributes are used for both the recruiting process and it also helps managers coach new recruits to attain peak performance. The software can forecast whether a potential candidate is a role match or miss. “These features create a loop, so the way employers recruit is reinforced and reinformed.”

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