Black Men Winning: 4 Top Leaders in Tech Innovation

Black Men Winning: 4 Stellar Leaders in Tech Innovation

This month, presents Month of the Man, where we bring you career features tailored for male leaders of color all over the world. This week we highlight top male innovators in technology:

Shaun Evans

Recently included in’s roundup of 100 African Americans to watch, Shaun Evans co-founded an app development company that targets black news and tech consumers.

Based in Atlanta, OMBO Apps has created Urban Gossip FREE, an aggregation of black celebrity news websites. Listed as coming soon on the company’s website is Swagmatic, an urban social networking site; Word Up, a crossword puzzle app using “urban culture vocabulary;” and Snapshots, a photo-sharing app.

Jonathan Gosier

Jonathan Gosier has his hand in many tech pots. He founded data analysis startup MetaLayer, global consultancy firm Appfrica, and several nonprofits, according to Business Insider, who included Gosier in their 25 Most Influential African-Americans in Technology list this year.

In an interview with Silicon Angle, Gosier said he started MetaLayer after working on a project with a large amount of data and wanting to interpret it quickly and present it visually, among other things.

Gosier gives back through his non-profits and organizes the Apps4Africa competition where African technologists can win up to $15,000 for solving problems impacting their communities. A self-taught programmer and designer, many of Gosier’s projects aim to give people access to technology, especially in developing countries.