Tech Startup of the Week: Tracey Solomon’s Hoseanna Is a (Working) Girl’s Best Friend

Tech Startup of the Week: Tracey Solomon’s Hoseanna Is a (Working) Girl’s Best Friend

Whether you’re a ridiculously busy executive or a road warrior in search of your next excursion, it’s easy to forget to pick up the essentials. When you’re balancing conference calls, client meetings and your children’s after-school activities schedule, drugstore staples such as pantyhose, razors and feminine products, as well as everyday necessities like deodorant are long forgotten.

It’s that very reason corporate executives Tracey Solomon and Katrina Carroll-Foster partnered up to create Hoseanna, an e-commerce company where women can sign up for monthly or quarterly deliveries  of must-have hosiery, trouser socks, leggings and shape wear, among other necessities. The two entrepreneurs, who have been best friends since childhood, have built a company that now boasts more than 1,000 loyal customers.

Delivering brands like Berkshire, Hue, and Hanes to your doorstep, Hoseanna launched in 2011 and has been going strong for close to two years. The duo is committed to making the lives of women easier, serving as a one-stop shop for all their needs– and that’s part of their winning strategy.

“We recognize that pantyhose can be a nuisance for women to buy, so we’ve brought together top selling brands under one house to make it easy for women to get the hosiery they need,” says New York City-based Solomon.

And while the company delivers other essentials, Hoseanna stands out from its competitors by exclusively committing to the hosiery market, adding new brands to its already robust collection regularly. Solomon and her business partner have even broken it down to a science, narrowing down the hosiery collections by “profiles” and “occasions” that match up against Hoseanna’s customer types and needs.

Speaking of customer needs, they adjusted their business model to meet their customers’ needs. When the former execs discovered most women were adjusting their subscriptions outside of the prescribed time, they implemented an alert system, which sends customers a reminder email every month when they need to replenish their last purchase.

Hoseanna has huge plans for the future, which includes expanding to mobile. “We want to extend the Hoseanna experience to the mobile world as this will be the ultimate in convenience for our customers.”