[TechConnext Summit] Spot the Trends With Jon Gosier

[TechConnext Summit] Spot the Trends With Jon Gosier

Tech lovers and entrepreneurs—software developer, investor, and philanthropist, Jonathan Gosier, will be moderating an exclusive panel on Spotting the Next Big Tech Trend in a mere few weeks in tech mecca, Silicon Valley, for the very first Black Enterprise TechConneXt Summit. Gosier will be contributing to a panel that will explore how forward-thinking entrepreneurs and investors are cashing in on latest technology and business opportunities.

Jon Gosier is a serial tech entrepreneur whose main focus is in the tech world lends toward outcome design (the intersection of data science and outcome driven user experience). Throughout his career, Gosier created a successful model for inclusive investing that allowed for middle-classers to throw their hats into start-up investing.

Currently, Gosier is founder of Cross Valley Capital where he is revolutionizing several areas of venture capital. He also serves as CEO of Appfrica, a technology firm responsible for several initiatives promoting Africa’s technology sector, as Gosier advocates largely for investing in tech companies in emerging markets. Gosier’s Appfrica firm is also responsible for helping Google Africa translate its page for Ugandan audiences.

As a data scientist, Gosier’s technologies have been utilized by The US Army, US Department of State, United Nations, Red Cross, FEMA, and Ushahidi, a Kenyan disaster response company.

You may know Gosier as a TED Senior Fellow and his TED Talk on “Trickle-Down Techonomics” where he explored probable consequences of technical innovation and the responsibility he challenges innovators to have to design products that not only have great features, but also provide better social outcomes. Gosier is also one of Black Enterprise’s 2013 Innovator of the Year recipients for his work with MetaLayer, a Comcast backed data startup.

To learn more from Gosier, including his tips and insight on investors, be sure to bring your tech talk to the BE TechConneXt Summit,Octorber 12th-13th at the Hyatt Regency, Santa Clara, California. For more information on Jon Gosier be sure to check him out at gosier.org and follow him on Twitter @jongos.

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