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Teen Dies In Crossfire As Mom Tries To Kill Her Child’s Abuser

A vigilante mom in Georgia will serve life in prison for attempting to kill her daughter's abuser, which led to a teen's death.

A Georgia mom seeking justice against her daughter’s sexual abuser has been convicted of murder after another man died in the crossfire. Danyale Harris received a sentence of life in prison for her role in 19-year-old Juan Newkirk’s death.

In March 2020, Harris discovered video footage of her daughter allegedly being abused by 22-year-old Antonio Harley. Despite going to the DeKalb County Police Department to report the crime, Harris ultimately decided to deliver justice on her own. According to a press release, an officer urged Harris not to seek revenge, but she did not heed his advice.

“The officer involved the DKPD Special Victims Unit, took the report, and told Defendant Harris that detectives would get in touch with her,” detailed the statement. “He warned her not to let her anger get the best of her and not to try to get revenge.”

The next day, Harris led a mob of people, including Newkirk, to confront Harley at his apartment building. Three of the people who tagged along had firearms with them.

Harris, asked her 12-year-old daughter, who was with her during the confrontation, to direct her to Harley’s apartment. After an unsuccessful chase of the target man, a member of the vigilante group opened fire into his apartment. When a bullet hit Harley, his brother began to fire back. According to the document, their younger siblings were also inside the home.

Newkirk later died from the exchange of gunfire. For unjustly leading the effort that resulted in the teen’s death, Harris was charged with felony murder, aggravated assault, and conspiracy to commit aggravated assault, among other crimes. Two others involved in the deadly manhunt faced charges as well.

A jury trial found Harris guilty of the charges. While she will serve life in prison, prosecutors did note that she had the possibility of parole. As for Harley, his charges include statutory rape, child molestation, and sexual exploitation of children. His case remains pending.