Teen Flees Town, Receives Death Threats After Video of White Cop Stradding Her Goes Viral

Teen Flees Town With Family, Receives Death Threats After Video of White Cop Straddling Her Goes Viral

Nekia Trigg
Nekia Trigg (Facebook)

Last week, a disturbing video went viral of 18-year-old Nekia Trigg desperately pleading for a white police officer to get off of her body because she couldn’t breathe.

Trigg and her mother Antanique Ray were arrested and the family is fighting for justice after they claimed the teen and her mother were brutally accosted and assaulted by a white rookie Kaufman County, Texas, sheriff’s deputy.

A recent TMZ report states that the teenage girl and her family have picked up their belongings and left their home amid death threats against them.

Trigg, who was the teen in the troubling viral video, along with her mother, Ray, and several other family members, have reportedly left their home in Forney, Texas, because they fear residents in the area, including law enforcement, are out to do them harm, according to Trigg’s attorney, Kim T. Cole.

Cole also states that the girl and her family have been receiving death threats via social media, including direct messages telling them that they got what they deserved during the scuffle with the police officer. In anticipation of more death threats against the family, Cole has advised them to stay off of social media while the situation plays itself out.