Termination Recommended For Chicago Cop Involved In Botched Raid Of Black Social Worker’s Home

Termination Recommended For Chicago Cop Involved In Botched Raid Of Black Social Worker’s Home

A police superintendent in Chicago has recommended that a police officer involved in a 2019 incident where a Black woman was handcuffed while naked should be terminated.

According to NBC News, Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown recommended that Sgt. Alex Wolinski be terminated for his role in approving a search warrant at Anjanette Young’s home without following the department’s “Knock and Announce” rule.

Last week, the Chicago Police Department released documents on Nov. 9 that accused Wolinski of approving the knock and announce search warrant without following the “Knock and Announce” rule. He is also accused of failing to intervene in the “disrespectful treatment” of Young and failing to give her a copy of the search warrant immediately.

He also kept Young handcuffed and nude after the police officers knew that they raided the wrong apartment.

“Based on the foregoing charges and specifications, the Superintendent recommends that Sergeant Alex Wolinski be discharged from the Chicago Police Department,” Brown wrote in the documents.

USA Today also reported that the recommendation included Alain Aporongao, the police officer who signed the affidavit that supported the warrant application, face a minimum of a 180-day suspension, and Wolinski a minimum year-long suspension. It also recommended that Sgt. Cory Petracco, who was not physically at the raid but supervised Aporongao and “is held out as a leader” in the Chicago Police Department, should also face a minimum of a year-long suspension. The office suggested that the suspensions could also include separation from the force.

Five other police officers were also recommended for suspensions of one to 60 days. The police accountability office said that it discovered almost 100 allegations of police misconduct against 15 of the police officers involved in the raid.