From Football to Street Brawl: Terrell Owens Knocks Man to the Ground Outside Inglewood CVS

Many years removed from playing football in the NFL, Terrell Owens still has got the brawn, as evidenced in a video where he engaged in fisticuffs with someone in Inglewood, California.

The former NFL player was seen in a video posted on the TMZ Sports website making light work of a man taunting a football fan who claims allegiance to the San Francisco 49ers. The man engaged in conversation with Owens that soon went south.

On Saturday night, at approximately 11:30 PM, the shirtless man was allegedly harassing other people in the CVS Owens went into. As Owens was speaking to a 49ers fan, the shirtless man, according to Owens, started messing with the football fan. Owens said he was trying to play peacemaker when this happened.

Witnesses told the media outlet that the shirtless man threatened not only the football fan but also the NFL Hall of Fame wide receiver. That’s when things escalated. The shirtless man took a swing at Owens, — and soon found out that was a mistake.

Owens swings at the man and connects, and as they both dance around, Owens hits him with a combination of three punches and knocks him to the ground.

The man finally gets up, seemingly groggy, looking like he may have wanted more punishment. Unfortunately, from the position of the camera, no vocals were heard. But, as Owens starts to walk away, the shirtless man looks like he is going to attack the Hall of Famer, but it doesn’t happen, and Owens is seen walking away from the lopsided fight.

Witnesses did state that there were no calls to the police,e and no other scuffles occurred after Owens showed off his boxing skills against the shirtless man.