Terry McMillan Deactivates Her Twitter After Calling Out Celebrities Who Announce Their Sexuality

Terry McMillan Deactivates Her Twitter After Calling Out Celebrities Who Announce Their Sexuality

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Author Terry McMillan briefly deactivated her Twitter account over the weekend after getting a hard lesson on cancel culture.

The Waiting to Exhale writer faced a backlash after she sent out a tweet questioning celebrities who choose to come out of the closet, Love B Scott reports. “I don’t understand why celebrities have to announce their sexuality. Just be who you are,” she tweeted.

But leave it up to Twitter to remind McMillan of her past and the possible hypocrisy behind her statement. It was back in 1998 when the New York Times bestselling author married Jonathan Plummer, the Seattle Times reported, whom she divorced six years later after Plummer told McMillan he was gay.

One Twitter user was quick to take McMillan for a little trip down memory lane in response to her tweet. “As a straight woman you have the privilege of people assuming you are the sexuality that you are,” they wrote. “Gay/bi people do not. So instead of asking us why we have to “come out” why don’t you ask your fellow straight people to stop making said assumptions, mmkay?

He sent out an additional tweet that included an old photo of McMillan and Plummer and another photo of Plummer hugging another man.

“And really, had more celebrities ‘announced’ their sexuality sooner—maybe you wouldn’t have ended up here, sis. But that’s none of my business,” the Twitter user added.

Another tweeter recalled McMillan’s 2005 appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show, where she confronted Plummer on national television. During the episode, she accused Plummer of betraying her during their six-year marriage.

“Sis didn’t you go on Oprah and act a fool about your bisexual husband lol,” the Twitter user wrote.

After getting called out on the tone-deaf tweet, McMillan temporarily deactivated her account. But by Thursday was back on the social network–and the controversial tweet was still up.

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