Texas Cities Lead List Of Most Roach-Filled Metropolises

Texas Cities Lead List Of Most Roach-Filled Metropolises

A new ranking of most roach-infested cities in America has two Texas towns, Houston and San Antonio, leading the list.

Roaches are crawling all around certain cities. The Texas hotspots of Houston and San Antonio are leading the list of most roach-filled areas, with the top five being located throughout the hotter, humid regions of the United States.

According to a list released by Pest Gnome on Dec. 7, Houston ranks at the No. 1 place for roach infestations in homes. The platform, where homeowners can search for service providers for critter issues, has confirmed that Houston accounted for 37% of dwellings dealing with roach issues within the past year. San Antonio, located less than three hours west of its fellow Texas city, follows behind at No. 2.

In curating its list of the 25 most roach-infested cities, Pest Gnome collected data from the U.S. Census and the Bureau of Labor Statistics, compiling this information with the addition of climate knowledge as a factor in its ranking. Houston ranked not only No. 1 for overall “roachiest” city but also No. 4 in its average of “extremely hot days.” The particular weather conditions and higher humidity levels play a significant role in the influx of roaches. However, H-Town is not in the top 10 of pest control workers per 10,000 households, only ranking as No. 12. The outlet also notes that popular roaches in the area are American and German types.

Other cities rounding out the top 5 are Tampa, Phoenix, and Las Vegas, all known for their hotter weather. While Atlanta is ranked No. 7 overall, a lower ranking due to its lesser heat and more pest control workers, it takes second place in the number of homes with signs of cockroaches.

However, those residing in these crawling cities should not cower in fear. The platform also provided tips shared by experts on how to prevent and combat the insects. Sealing points of entry, fixing leaky pipes, and keeping a tidy, crumb-free home are everyday assurances to keep the roaches out.