Texas College Student Reaches GoFundMe Goal to Adopt Baby He Found in Trash Can

Texas College Student Reaches GoFundMe Goal to Adopt Baby He Found in Trash Can

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The Texas State University student who launched a GoFundMe to adopt the child he found abandoned inside a trash can as a baby has reached his goal.

Jimmy Amisial posted an update to his GoFundMe campaign last Wednesday, informing his supporters that he officially surpassed his initial goal to adopt 5-year-old Emilio Angel Jeremiah.

“Whahoooo ! What a blessing! The goal is met,” Amisial shared. “Thank you much guys for the love and the heartfelt support.”

“It’s time to roll the ball to move forward with the adoption and I’m quite excited. I just can’t thank y’all enough for the outstanding help. I’m looking forward to sharing the journey with you guys. Stay tuned and stay connected. I will keep y’all updated as we go long. Much love.”

Amisial launched a GoFundMe last month to seek financial assistance for adopting Emilio. It had been four and half years since the undergraduate student found Emilio crying, unclothed, and covered in ant bites inside a trash bin in Haiti, The Mirror reports.

“People were crowding around this bin, and I heard them arguing about what to do with this tiny baby,” Amisial recalled. “Everyone was just staring at him—not a single soul wanted to help.”

“He was crying and had no clothes on and I could see the pain in his eyes – I had to do something.”

After taking Emilio home to his mother, Elicie Jean, 66, they fed and cleaned the boy before taking him to receive medical attention. A police search found no information as to who and where Emilio’s parents are.

So Amisial was tasked with taking on the role of the legal guardian while still studying to complete his degree in Texas. Emilio was four months old when he was found inside a trash can.

Now at 5, Amisial has plans to adopt Emilio as his son and continue his studies at Texas State. He expressed his excitement when the GoFundMe was halfway toward its goal soon after its launch.

“In less than 3 days, we are already halfway to the goal,” Amisial shared in an update on July 30.

By Aug. 10, it reached its goal, and now Amisial is taking as many donations as he can to provide a life for Emilio and finish school.

“Emilio just finished his second year of school, and he happens to be an exceptionally smart kid,” Amisial shared. “He starts his third year this coming September. He started learning Spanish, and he will start learning English this year.

“Any extra funds given to this matter will be used for Emilio’s schooling,” he continued. “In addition, to support the kids in the orphanage and provide them school supplies, and might also be used in me returning to school.”