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Texas Grocery Store Employee Fatally Shot After Customer’s Shotgun Discharges In The Backseat

A Linden, Texas, grocery store employee was killed after doing a good deed.

Larry Lawrence, an employee of Crump’s Food Center, was walking a customer to their car on Sept. 22 when a shotgun in the backseat went off, killing him, KSLA News 12 reported. Witnesses said they saw Lawrence helping the customer put groceries in the car’s back seat around 3:30 p.m., with a dog present. A .22 rifle reportedly discharged, hitting the victim in the chest.

Police and paramedics were immediately called as passersby tried to resuscitate him. Once medical professionals arrived, they took over with life-saving maneuvers. However, Lawrence was pronounced dead at the helipad site. According to Linden Police Chief David Dulude, the incident seemed accidental, but the investigation is ongoing.

“It is unclear of the means of the discharge at this time,” Dulude said.

The grocery store released a statement on their Facebook page, calling the incident a tragedy. “We lost a fine young man,” the statement partially read. “We ask for prayers for this young man’s family.”

Chris & Debbie Spencer, the store’s owners, created a GoFundMe page for donations towards funeral expenses and a memorial fund. To date, close to $9,000 has been raised for its$20,000 goal, and they have personally donated $5,000 towards the fund.

“The Lawrence and Crump’s Food Center families have been touched by the outpouring of sympathy and support since this tragic event occurred,” the Spencers wrote. “Many folks have asked how they can support the Lawrence family during this difficult time.”

According to Texas law, residents are allowed to transport a handgun in their vehicle or a vehicle “under the person’s control.” If the handgun is in “plain view,” the owner must be over 21 or have a License to Carry.

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