Rep. Jasmine Crocket Goes To Bat With Republicans As First Black Woman Democrat To Play in Congressional Baseball Game

Texas Rep. Jasmine Crockett is unafraid to go to bat against the Republicans.

The civil rights and criminal attorney made history on June 14, 2023, as the first Black woman Democrat to compete in the Congressional Baseball Game. The congresswoman told CNN, “I’m playing today for all the little Black girls with big dreams—whether those dreams are on the baseball field or in the halls of Congress.” She added, “As the first Black Woman Democrat to play in the Congressional Baseball Game, I want to show those girls that if I can do it, they can do it—and probably a lot better.”

The Congressional Baseball Game has been a tradition for 114 years. This year, the Democrats lost on the baseball field with a final score of 16-6. However, Rep. Crockett stepped up to the plate when it mattered the most. Crockett recently called Republican Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert out for being rude to a House Oversight Committee witness, Huffington Post reported.

Rep. Boebert reportedly cut the witness off and made a comment that sparked Maryland Democratic Rep. Jamie Raskin to ask that committee members maintain “civility and decorum.” Crockett chimed in, “First of all, let me apologize because that was uncalled for, so let me do what she would never do, which is to be an adult in this room or in this chamber.” The Black Democratic Rep. continued, “I’m also going to start with some nonsense that she was trying to spew and, unlike Ms. Boebert, I am legally trained and I’ve passed a few bar exams and I also legislated before I got here …”

In a tweet following the meeting, Crockett said, “Lauren Boebert was beyond disrespectful & as granny would say, she was ‘loud’ & ‘wrong’ today.” Crockett made a point to mention that she has five minutes “to highlight what matters the most for the people of America,” and she is not afraid to “clap back” when a MAGA Republican “says something stupid.”

That sounds like a home run for Crockett.