The Text Messaging Mistake that Built a Business

The Text Messaging Mistake that Built a Business

Have you ever texted someone and wished that you never sent it. I have. In fact, I probably do it once every couple of weeks. The difference is, my outcome usually results in some deep conversation and Maci Peterson’s resulted in a patented technology company.

Black Enterprise has been following the story of Maci Peterson’s technology, On Second Thought, but in case you haven’t been keeping up, here’s a refresher alongside some new developments. This product was created out of the need to want to take an unwanted text message back after autocorrect sent out a very hmmm, shall we say, interesting text to an ex-boyfriend. 

The platform started as a B2C play where customers could download a messaging app, but now Peterson has moved toward a B2B strategy allowing any wireless carrier and mobile platform to license the technology and use the software development kit, or SDK, within their own stacks.

(Image: Maci Peterson)


So what does this mean for you as the customer? Once your mobile carrier opts in, you will be able to snatch that message back with the greatest of ease. There are currently 190 countries using On Second Thought, so it should be circling around to a device near you very soon if it hasn’t already.

So now that we are all caught up on the technology, it’s time to meet the woman behind the product. Maci Peterson’s work ethic and grind goes far beyond the SDK that represents her technology company. So much so, that it was impossible for us to compress it all into one little write-up. We felt you’d be missing the essence and passion behind her drive and vision if we chopped it up and turned it into text, so we compressed the audio for the world to hear. I promise you, it will leave you on the edge of your seat or, at least, trying to figure out how you can up your technology hustle. 






Sequoia Blodgett is the Technology Editor for Black Enterprise, Silicon Valley. She is also the founder of 7AM, a lifestyle, media platform, focused on personal development, guided by informed, pop culture.