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Alleged Text Messages Between Mom And Son Reveal A Sick Plot To Kill Home Depot Employee

A mother in Florida is being accused of helping her son coordinate a fatal shooting at a Home Depot in Pensacola, The Miami Herald reports.

Police reports from the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office show Keith Eric Agee, 20, walked into the store on August 11, 2023, and fatally shot Brooklyn Sims, 18, a contract employee of the store and the mother of his daughter.

Agee was arrested and charged with first-degree premeditated murder and aggravated battery. Three days later, police learned he wasn’t working alone.

The sheriff’s office shared long text message conversations between Agee and his mother, identified as Sheila Agee, according to the Pensacola News Journal, acknowledging that she knew of her son’s plans and helped him carry the shooting out.

During the conversation, Sheila Agee told her son that if he “don’t come kill her you a mf b**ch” and told him to wait until “I put her out.”

“Buh that’s another thing if she don’t get out that car momma and I have to drag her out or can’t ima ask u to step out Cuz I’m open the door jus shoot her,” Keith wrote to his mother.

Sheila’s response, according to authorities: “As long as you don’t shoot me.”

In a Facebook post, Escambia Sheriff Chip Simmons said the whole case is unbelievable. “The murder itself is unbelievable,” Simmons. “But to know the mother knew about it and helped coordinate it is incomprehensible.”

Sheila continued to tell her son where Sims would be during the shooting, saying she would be on the store floor so Keith wouldn’t have to go searching for her “in the back” and ended the conversation by saying, “Do whatever you want to do…It don’t affect me either [expletive] way.”

Agee’s mother was charged with principal to first-degree murder and taken into custody in Alabama, deputies said. She is expected to be extradited to Escambia County for prosecution.

Two other Home Depot employees were injured during the shooting.