‘That’s So Raven’ Star Orlando Brown Pleads Not Guilty to Attacking Relative With Hammer, Knife

Former child star Orlando Brown was back in police custody last week after he was arrested on misdemeanor assault charges.

The former That’s So Raven star was arrested on Thursday in Lima, Ohio, and held on a $25,000 bond, NBC San Diego reports. Police were called to a residence where they witnessed a verbal dispute they feared would turn violent.

Brown was arraigned on Friday in Lima Municipal Court and charged with aggravated menacing. He pleaded not guilty to the misdemeanor assault charges, Fox News reports. According to an arrest report, a relative said Brown was acting “crazy” and “came at him with a hammer and knife in a threatening manner.”

The relative said Brown had been staying with him for about two weeks because the actor is homeless and they “did not want him to go to a homeless shelter.”

Brown is no stranger to run-ins with the police. The Major Payne star has been arrested in the past for domestic battery, resisting arrest, and drug possession.

During a 2018 appearance on Dr. Phil, Brown opened up about his battle with substance abuse including drinking, drugs, and even using and selling crystal meth at one point, People reports.

“Just the influence and the demons that come with that drug kind of took over,” Brown told Dr. Phil.

“A lot of drinking is what happened,” Brown continued.

“I was drinking a lot. I just found myself in a dark place because I couldn’t really find everybody. It’s kinda like looking for your keys, when you stop looking, they’re right there type of deal. I started to realize what was in front of me. From there, now I’m good.”

Brown expressed his desire to change for his kids. When asked how many children he has, Brown said he wasn’t exactly sure.

“Quite a bit, but four that I know of,” he said.